Gazlı Söndürme Sistemleri


We have been facilitating in the fire safety sector since 2006.

We satisfy the needs of the sector with the, fire waning and alarm systems, automatic extinguishing systems, sprinkler and environment hydrant systems, gaseous extinguishing systems, foamy extinguishing systems, emergency lightening and routing systems, fire Detecting Systems with thermal camera, fire pumps and system setup equipments and setup, maintenance, repair, project designing, risk analysis and consultancy services…

Beta System, came into activity with its new branch Office in Cyprus; continues giving service with its Professional personnel without a cease.

Our Services

We are giving consultancy services to our customers at international standards on the subjects of determining risk classes of constructions, constituting fire scenarios, appropriate system choice and the precautions to be taken against fire.
Project Designing
We are carrying out project designing of fire protection systems to be installed in the buildings with our expert personnel with support of updated calculation and designing software according to leader and reputable international fire standards.
Material Supply
Beta System supply fire protection systems equipments from international companies having the most advanced technologies in their fields and being their representatives in Turkey. As well as these; thanks to our updated stock policy, we are able to give fast spare part supply and material supply services.
We are as Beta System giving supervisor service for the installation of the fire protection system equipments that we sell.
Execution and Installation
We are also able to carry out the turn-key installations of special fire extinguishing and detecting systems that we supply their materials and require specialization.
Start up
The fire protection system whose installations are done, is delivered to the user in a working condition after the start up test procedures are executed and function tests are carried out by Beta System engineers.